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Face it. You’re SHIT, alright?


mqtsmkqQWhen someone is told repeatedly that they’re worthless, they come to believe it. It’s not surprising then, that the three women in Drill Hall Theatre’s upcoming performance SHIT, believe they’re shit, and that the world is shit.

Under the direction of Georgia Martin, local actors Kate Foster, Kate Horsley and Claire Atkins will bring the foul-mouthed, violent and darkly funny characters of Billy, Bobby and Sam to life in Mullumbimby from May 10-25.

Written by Australian playwright Patricia Cornelius, SHIT is electrifying; the characters pull no punches (literally) as their story explores themes of class, violence and misogyny in Australia.

The play is provocative and bitterly funny theatre. Billy, Bobby and Sam have been in and out of foster homes and institutional care all their lives. They have been neglected and abused sexually and physically, but they are survivors.

In spite of their situation a peculiar optimism surges through the play. The language might be confronting, but it’s never gratuitous. Words are their weapons, and give them agency.

Local actor, Kate Foster, plays the hilarious and challenging role of Billy, and encourages audiences to set aside apprehensions about uncomfortable subject matter. She says, ‘Cornelius’s characters are uncompromising and thrilling to play. We play three women who are neither sexy nor salt of the earth, and never viewed through the male gaze. That’s completely liberating as a woman and as an actor.’

SHIT is a play about three women living on the fringes, but this is a play for all women.

SHIT is on at The Drill Hall Theatre at 2 Jubilee Ave, Mullumbimby, from May 10-25 on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and on Sundays at 2pm. Tickets are $22/$25 and can be purchased at www.drillhalltheatre.org.au/shit and at The Bookshop in Mullumbimby.

Offensive language and adult themes, for mature audiences. General inquiries call 0420 986 570.

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