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Byron Shire Filmmaker Network


533633_10152053486278056_1722343178_n 941722_10151945490558056_434901015_n One of my favourite things about moving home to Byron has been meeting creative people.  And it just never stops. There seems to be endless filmmakers, photographers and generally creative minds hidden around the Shire. There are also a lot of projects going on, people are busy!

I’ve decided to start a little Facebook Group called Byron Shire Filmmaker Network.  I’ve benefited a lot from the creative talent I’ve met here, borrowing gear, locations and even ideas from time to time.

Hopefully this group can help us all make bigger and better things, show off our Shire in the best ways possible and get those dusty old tripods out of the cupboard.

The group is pretty open.  I’ve invited photographers, actors and even people who don’t live here any more, the more the merrier I reckon.

If you’d like to get involved simply head to – www.facebook.com/groups/byronfilm

Dylan Wiehahn grew up two doors down from the Top Shop in Byron Bay and went to Cape Byron Steiner School. He studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film/TV) at QUT in Brisbane and fell in love with Cinematography. Dylan has just moved back home to Byron Bay with his production business, Spring Pictures.


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