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Ilona Harker
Ilona Harker is a doer of stuff and part-time troublemaker. When she grows up, Ilona wants to be a spinster, until then she’s pretty happy making music and stuff. The stuff includes but is not limited to writing, singing, storytelling, mothering, poeting, dreaming, peeling boiled egg shells, cabareting, drawing, sewing buttons on things, swimming through dark spaces and exploring deeper places. She stirs and spins strife into songs of howling loss, arid aches, tempest dirges and sardonic silliness. She flounders in pools of words desperate to find the perfect dance. Imagine Kate Bush and Joe Cocker on ‘So you think you can dance’. Yet, her performances, like her voice, are strange, endearing and charming, she twists words like snakes cavorting in the summers grass. And she also is really fond of sleep and playing dress ups. Not necessarily in that order. When not asleep, Ilona can be found in bed typing and talking to herself. She likes to hang out with old people, children and Irish whisky. In that order. She hates writing bio’s and doing tax.

Last week, there was a news report in the local Byron Bay papers saying that for the last seven months there has been a...