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Sean Samer
Sean is a 25 year old ocean lover from Coolangatta. He is a marine science student, who while studying has taken it upon himself to involve himself in many projects within the marine science field. His passion for marine science and the oceans have taken him to some interesting places, from the Great Barrier Reef, to the cold waters of South Africa, to the exotic coastline of Indonesia. Sean's main area of passion and expertise is sharks and he has been involved in the past with many research projects in relation to this animals. He is currently living in Bali, conducting his own research on reef Sharks with the help of the Balisharks organisation. To Sean, the ocean is his second home where he spends the majority of his time anorkelling , surfing, swimming and researching. He is inspired by the growing number of people who want to help our natural Environment. He feels the important key elements in protecting our environment are: understanding the issue, educating as many people Possible about it, and taking action where words cannot help the cause. He continues to dedicate his life to these three elements and protecting our ocean.

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