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Sebastian Lunkmark : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

Byron Bay has long been know for its amazing waves and the surfers it has produced, almost in the background but never out of sight, long boarding has emerged in our community and like surfing has hooked young and old, long boarding has evolved as is skateboarding nature, but seems to gravitate around the relaxed beached side environments, with no designated riding areas the sport has moved from riding footpaths and boardwalks to quite steep roads and mountain passes.

The first monthly Sunday Showdown, a downhill skateboarding event, was held on sunday in the back streets of Byron Bay, with a total of 16 riders including 2 juniors 3 girls and 4 international riders, the event was a demonstration to the public and learners what is possible on a longboard, including safety, speed, breaking and stoke, it showcased great riding and progression from everyone who attended.

With only 3 corners over a couple of hundred metres the riders needed to master breaking at high speeds and tight cornering, while battling with 3 other riders for 1st position. As a precaution marshals were placed at all corners and allowed flow of traffic and clear runs for the riders.

Thanks to our great sponsors Hopkin Racing, Rayne, Early Skateboards and MadDog Surf we had plenty of prizes for the best riders on the day and a bbq after, thanks to all the neighbours on Shelly dr and Pacific vista who attended the event, helped out, cheered and generally made the day much more enjoyable, it was great to see our small downhill skateboarding community join with the locals and provide a full afternoon of thrills and spills and complete radness.

Although not largely publicised the next event might be on a street near you, so always drive careful and ride safer, hope to see you all next time.

Rob McWhinnie ( Shelly dr resident )

Check out www.earlyskateboards.com & www.hopkin.com.au for more skate action.

Jonathan Lunkmark : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

Go Pro View : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

Green Machine : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

Made for Skating : Byron Bay : Photo – Jai Long

On Lookers : Byron Bay : Photo – Jai Long

Grommets Stoke : Byron Bay : Photo – Jai Long

The Boys : Byron Bay : Photo – Jai Long



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