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Byron Bay’s Magical Moonrises



Sure, those West Australians get ocean sunsets every day. If you wake early enough you’ll see the sun rising over the ocean here too, but let’s be honest – not all of us are doing yoga in the sand at 5am. The only time I ever see the sun rise over the ocean here in Byron is usually after a massive bender for which I’ve not yet slept.

So it’s nice to know that we get these spectacular moon rises, predictably, for almost a week after every full moon. Remember that little tip and head down to the Cape, or your favourite east, south-easterly vantage point to watch the moon soar high above the infinite sea and into the milky arms of the stars.

When Dylan O’Donnell isn’t running his Digital Agencies DNA Digital and zen10, he is usually being a total pointdexter and pursuing his love of nature, technology, art, music and their intersections. Although having lived in Byron Bay for 5 years now, he can barely swim let alone surf so has forgone all dreams of being one of the cool kids to focus on being a completely eccentric father. His photography often has scientific themes with astrophotography, wildlife and biodiversity or even lasers, chemistry and other experiments. He has has work published by various news outlets including NASA.


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