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Fin Heads was created just over a month ago on a Wednesday over coffee between Robyn Downie and Madison Stewart. They are both passionate in spreading awareness about the diminishing numbers of sharks. Both shark lovers and divers, Robyn came up with the hand on top of your head, ‘Madi’ came up with the name.  An hour later, Xavier Rudd was our first “Fin Head“. The goal is to make as many people aware of sharks being senselessly killed in a fun way – by taking a photo! Robyn and Madi would love this movement to become as big as Tails for Whales initiative.

Here is a little about the girls…

Robyn Downie has always had a  fascination with sharks, but it wasn’t until she was diving on the Great Barrier Reef nearly 10 years ago and came face-to-fin with one. For some reason I completely and utterly fell in love with sharks. My heart stopped and I froze – not in fright but because it was love at first sight. Shortly after that on another dive, I was surrounded by circling sharks, but again, I wasn’t scared. That love has transferred into a shark tattoo on my back and an overwhelming desire to see an end to sharks all over the world being slaughtered.

Xavier Rudd and Robyn Downie

Madison Stewart began diving at the age of 11, and at 14 left school and began home schooling. She then began to film underwater and travelling with her father an underwater photographer and DiveMaster. By then, the sharks she grew up with inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park were already disappearing, so Madi’s video camera soon became the tool to spread a message and save the world she loves. Now 17, Madison has logged over450 dives.

Robyn and Madi, with the assistance of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are spreading the word about the barbaric shark finning practice.. To support FIN Heads visit – www.facebook.com/pages/FIN-Heads/117067821715328

Xavier Rudd and Madison Stewart

The Common Ground of Byron Bay. If you wish to contribute, please contact: Kirra Pendergast P: 0408 068 824 E: kirra@commongroundaustralia.com


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