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Byron Bay was an amphitheater of gladiators, battling the prey of the ocean, while spectators marvelled in “Ooooo’s” and “Ahhhh’s”.

Tropical cyclones Vania and Zelia morphed into the one super force, producing a Goliath of marching swell lines, detonating on the Byron focal point of Main Beach, and the Wreck. Beach-goers where washed upon the grassy knoll, to watch some of the biggest waves to hit Byron in a long while. Broken boards and bodies, and the glory of taming the odd oceanic beast where the alure of the ocean’s beastly beauty.

As the carnage prevailed in the water, “Beautiful”, a man in floral attire was giving blessing’s of love… good to have you back in the bay old pal.

The weekend of the 15th and 16th of January defined what it meant to be a surfer.

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Whoa : Byron Bay : Buy Print

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Beautiful : Byron Bay : Buy Print

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Preference : Byron Bay : Buy Print

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How Big : Byron Bay : Buy Print

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Johnny is one of the founding members of Common Ground, who brings an element of creativity to the CG landscape through his filmmaking, photography and writing. Having lived in Byron Bay for over 15 years, moving to the area from the colder climates of Tasmania, Johnny has a strong passion for filmmaking, surfing and his local community, living a few kilometres south at Broken Head in an old School. Mr Abegg can be found out-and-about surfing his favourite haunts, drinking an early morning coffee, and lost in thought with creativity.


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