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With this round of North Coast Blogging, let’s take a road trip south. Just down the Pacific Highway, past the Big Banana and then head inland towards the Dorrrigo mountains to one of my very favourite little towns: Bellingen. Here, tucked away on the mid North Coast, you will find crafter Cath Young balancing creative and family life from the forest home she shares with her partner, “Chef” (he’s a chef, hence the pseudonym), and their two super-cute girls.

I’ve been following along with Cath’s creative blogging journey since her very first blog post and she continues to inspire. Not only with her clever craft and designs, all of which I adore, but with her attitude to living gently on the earth – without making a big hoopla out of it. She’s solar-powered, compost-loo-powered and organic all the way, and she is like so many of the creative artists I admire: A hard worker. Cath just gets on with the job, and doesn’t hold back from telling it as it is on her blog, Chunky Chooky.

Here is the story of Cath’s blogging journey:

cath portrait

My name is Cath Young and I am a social worker, Head Honcho at My Bearded Pigeon. I live in Bellingen and my blog is called Chunky Chooky.

I have been blogging since March 2009… This question actually made me look though my whole blog backwards, rather than just go to the last post… My goodness, Busy was so little when I started!

I started the blog to promote my new business – chunkychooky. At the time I was making fisherman pants and rattles and softies for babies.

I didn’t really know much about blogging when I started. I  had recently discovered blogs when I was looking online for sewing patterns to work out how to make a softie for my baby, then when I opened an Etsy shop, I thought it might be a good way of promoting my shop.

My blog tells the story of things I make; country life; being a mother; being a small business owner; being a social worker and my outspoken opinion about everything!

Blogging  has helped me so much creatively and with my business. So much so. When I started blogging there was a bunch of us who used to do My Creative Space which was a meme on the Kootoyoo blog, and every week I would post pics of what I had made and would love visiting everyone else to see what they made.  Seeing  Kirsty’s embroidery made me want to learn which I did learn and I love it!

I have pretty much learnt how to sew from reading blogs. I am constantly amazed at what people make and do at home. I never knew there was SO MANY people who liked making things like me!

Having a blog enabled me to make a few things and show the people I would be selling to and ask the what they thought. I have also made real life friends though my blog, some whom I have met in real life and consider my buddies now.

The most challenging part of blogging, most recently, has been time! The combination of a new baby and a busy business has meant blogging has been temporarily suspended… I am micro blogging, I have heard it called, on Instagram and Twitter.

If you are thinking of starting a blog my advice would be to think about what kind of blog you want… There is a bit of a shift to all these sponsored posts on blogs.  You have to work out if you  want to do that before you start,  I think.

I was incredibly lucky in that Penguin Books asked me to review craft books on my blog. I asked them if I could host a giveaway with the review and they agreed.  It was great. I have a huge bookshelf of craft books and I felt like these giveaways were hugely relevant to the people that read my blog.  I still get asked to do some weird things on my blog and to host giveaway for vacuum cleaners and stuff… But, I don’t want my blog to be like that.

What I love most about 
living on the North Coast is the space, the beauty, the quiet. Rainforests, rivers and beaches all beautiful and clean and you often get them all to yourself!  Good food, good coffee and a wonderful arts community. A great sense of community.Right now, I am excited about some new items and lots of new ideas for My Bearded Pigeon and expanding where we are selling: we are also slowly reopening our Madeit shop and there is a new eshop coming soon too… just trying to keep our heads above water with juggling family and business!Couldn’t resist adding this snapshot I took of Cath and her sweet little baby girl when I visited them  recently***Thank you so much for sharing your blogging journey, Cath!To visit Cath’s blog, Chunky Chooky click here.
To visit Cath’s My Bearded Pigeon Etsy shop click here
And you can join Cath on instagram @MyBearededPigeon and twitter @MyBeardedPigeon

The North Coast Bloggers are a collective of online story tellers brought together by local journalist and blogger, Megan Kinninment, who writes at The Byron Life. “The North Coast Bloggers come from different creative disciplines; they are writers, photographers and filmmakers; artists, designers and crafters; teachers, travellers and food growers and more and they all have a unique story to tell. While their blogging styles and stories are diverse, they have in common a deep connection to this stunning, creative region and they share a love (and talent) for storytelling.  Journalism, as we once knew it, is changing fast - but the possibilities for storytelling online are so incredible now that I can’t help but feel excited about the future - and bloggers are a huge part of that future.

Each week I profile some of the incredibly talented storytellers of the North Coast region as they share how blogging has nurtured their own creative lives. My wish is that you will find their stories as inspiring as I do.” ~ Megan


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