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TODAY’S North Coast Blogger has something that I think any successful blogger, writer, artist or creative needs in bucketloads: Passion. It takes passion (and guts) to put yourself out there into the world and each time you press publish on your blog; add your byline to a story or exhibit your art it is a leap of courage.

Mel Carrero blogs her own way. From the first time you see her blog’s name, The Chubby Fashionista, you know you’re in for a unique experience. She is a self-taught photographer who started a blog about a passion and then had the confidence to exhibit her work and go on to build a career from styling and photographing for fashion labels and promoting her hometown: Lismore. The result is a distinctly nostalgic, laid-back North Coast style that showcases what Mel loves most about this region: Its diversity of people.

Here is the story of Mel Carrero’s blogging journey:

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My name is Mel Carrero. I’m a marketing manager / stylist on the side and my blog is called The Chubby Fashionista. I reside in the under-rated and quaint Lismore.

My blog tells the story of a girl who doesn’t fit the fashion mould – so she likes to dress up others.I registered the blog in 2008 but only began blogging regularly in 2010. My goal was to give a fashion opinion and a different voice out there for fashion – basically a little spot for me to rant. It changed into something quite different!Blogging has allowed people to see my styling portfolio and seen me recognised as a photographer and stylist. It has also helped me achieve other career goals and helped me get jobs.One thing that I really enjoy from the photography and styling side of the business more than anything else is the models – discovering a new face or helping someone get further in modelling. I have had a few scouted from my blog!If you are thinking of starting a blog my advice is commit to it. Find a niche that no one else is doing. I use other social media to promote my blog. No one would have read my blog without Facebook. I also use Instagram heavily and Tumblr occasionally.The most challenging part of blogging has been earning money while finding the time to really do it. It is still a challenge for me as I also hold another full time job. Since taking on a full time and full on role, blogging has kind-of taken the back burner.


Right now, I am excited about a few things. I got to work in my “real” job on a magazine which I probably wouldn’t have been able to pull off without my blog. I’ve been working with some local labels on their look-book shoots, and I am just going to dive heaps into the styling side of the blog as much as possible.

In the near future I plan on revamping the look of the blog again. I have been super-lucky that since I started the blog I have been able to hold an exhibition of my styling and photography work, which got a lot of media coverage; I have my own fashion page in the local rag, The Northern Rivers Echo, and have had some pics published in some online and print magazines!

Thank you Mel!
Visit The Chubby Fashionista blog here
The Chubby Fashionista Facebook page here
and find Mel over on Instagram as… @thechubbyfashionista
Checkout The Byron Life for more – thebyronlife.com
The North Coast Bloggers are a collective of online story tellers brought together by local journalist and blogger, Megan Kinninment, who writes at The Byron Life. “The North Coast Bloggers come from different creative disciplines; they are writers, photographers and filmmakers; artists, designers and crafters; teachers, travellers and food growers and more and they all have a unique story to tell. While their blogging styles and stories are diverse, they have in common a deep connection to this stunning, creative region and they share a love (and talent) for storytelling.  Journalism, as we once knew it, is changing fast - but the possibilities for storytelling online are so incredible now that I can’t help but feel excited about the future - and bloggers are a huge part of that future.

Each week I profile some of the incredibly talented storytellers of the North Coast region as they share how blogging has nurtured their own creative lives. My wish is that you will find their stories as inspiring as I do.” ~ Megan


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