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ALIENS, UFOS and The Close encounters conference Jan 15 & 16


Is there intelligent life on other planets?  Is non-human intelligence visiting Earth?
Are aliens walking amongst us?

Organisers of Australia’s largest national ET/UFO conference aiming to remove the taboo nature of ETs and UFOs, out on the streets to discuss real-life X-files

+The Close Encounters Conference is being held in Byron Bay, 15 &16 January 2017 bringing together experts to answer these and other questions

+Keynote speakers: Mary Rodwell (AUS) – Founder of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, Dr. Bob Davis (USA) –  neuroscientist and author; and Rosemary Ellen Guiley (USA) – researcher and author on paranormal subjects – all members of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation into Extraterrestrial Research.

Sydney residents, conference organisers Mick Turner and Kathryn Hand, have been out on the streets, gauging reactions from people on the subject of extraterrestrial life.  With the movie ARRIVAL, having made it to No. 2 at the Aussie box office, it made them realise people are clearly interested in alien life forms visiting Earth.

Together with 2 life-sized, realistic Zeta grey alien models, they enjoyed some light-hearted information gathering dressed as MIB agents and introducing the public to their Conference mascots, Zharn and Torah.

“Although we are having a bit of fun dressing up and getting lots of attention from people wanting their photos taken with us and the aliens, we do take the subject very seriously”, says Kathryn.

Mick adds “Since launching this conference the number of people contacting us wanting to share their story has been incredible.  They are often too scared to let their friends and family know for fear of being ridiculed.  It’s still a taboo subject.  But people should be able to talk about it openly.”

Amongst other speakers, they have 3 Board members from the Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) revealing findings from the largest study ever undertaken on ET encounters.  The FREE study is a worldwide project conducted in different languages and cultures.

“There is a UFO sighting reported every 6 minutes.  People want to talk about sightings and their beliefs. When given a platform to discuss safely, they open up and have great stories to share.”  Kathryn says.

We invite everyone to ask the question:  “Are we alone?” You will be surprised the conversations it starts.

Purchase you tickets here: http://closeencountersconference.com.au/tickets/


The Common Ground of Byron Bay. If you wish to contribute, please contact: Kirra Pendergast P: 0408 068 824 E: kirra@commongroundaustralia.com


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