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The Banana Man


So often we walk into a supermarket, a farmers market, a convenience store and ‘buy buy buy’ without much thought of the effort it takes to get a product to the consumer shelf.

Same goes for a banana.

‘Banana Craig’ is one unique Byron Bay character, an early rising, surf frothing ocean warrior, a dedicated dad (unless the surf is on), a dune dancing photographer, and local organic banana farmer. All round legend.

He lives in central Byron, vacating to the hinterland most days to gather, slash, chop, wash and put his body through spiderwebs and humidity, to bring those special bananas to the Byron Farmers Market every Thursday.

Rest Your Eyes Production, whilst filming their new film on Byron Bay called ‘The Meeting Place‘, got an insiders look at the life of ‘Banana Craig’ and the wonders of banana farming.

A visually beautiful video. We hope you enjoy it.

Sebastian and Jonatan Lundmark are Swedish Twins who now call Byron Bay home. They are filmmakers who have finished study at SAE in film school to now run their own production company Rest Your Eyes, which they formed with Oliver Certa (pictured). The boys seem to sum up this town in a beautiful way, with fresh anew-ed eyes that ooze passion and creativity through their videos.


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