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A B O U T ~ S H A R N I

Sharni Honor, lover of music, frolicker in all places coastal, collector of shirts, fancier of wine things and enthusiast of adventures in her own backyard. A big believer of working hard at doing something you love and spending your days in places that inspire you. Between some glorious long-term stints over the seas and in mountains far from Adelaide, she runs a series of traveling music festivals in suburban gardens throughout the summertime. And in the winter, it’s time to explore, with all but few key objectives;

Travel simply.

Live creatively.

Exist well.

Walter Mitty ~ Iceland 2015

When I started this little piece, it began as a creamy recount of the isolate adventure that was: 2 weeks, 3 best friends, 1 tiny car and a big ol’ journey that saw Iceland in all of its untouched beauty. One ring route that connects the entirety of the country, one single road that traverses mountains, crosses waterfalls and envelopes glaciers. One strip of bitumen dotted with hot springs, wild horses and the most quaint and cultured of towns. As time passed and words fell from my fingertips, this recount became less of a series of events and more of a little tale of what this two week period taught me about being. And quite possibly, how I’d like to see my own being, exist for the next number of minutes, hours and years that I plan on being alive for.

Safe to say, Iceland has a pretty nice home in my heart, and maybe it was just timing, or sheer luck, but something about that spectacularly peculiar little country changed the way I was wired.

It was two weeks in the company of the two greatest souls I know, we picked a direction from the countries capital, Reykjavik and drove, in our tiny gold car with all but one Elvis Presley CD on a twenty song rotation. We stopped when we were inspired by the scenery, we cooked meals in our favorite locations: porridge oats on glacier, stir fry on cliff tops and peppermint tea beneath rainbows, the only place in the world where I’ve seen both pots of gold.

We’d clean our bodies in hot springs dotted along the route, and we’d pitch our little tent when our eyes grew heavy, wild camping in fields, on mountains, and in valleys. The days were simple, the company second-to-none and the scenery breathtaking.


I can see the romance of being lost in a big city, beneath the hustle and bustle of streetlights and strangers. But there is little more than sheer curiosity to tempt an insight into how these lives are lived. So rather than traveling to be surrounded, I prefer to travel to be removed. To find the edges of the earth To be humbled and awestricken by nature. I believe that there is great merit in finding beauty in simplicity.

And for me I believe that there is great merit in finding beauty in simplicity And for me there is nothing more simple than being outside. A tiny collection of atoms beneath a landscape of a thousand more that combine and collaborate to form something beautiful beyond measure.

A wise old pal recently reminded me – you’re born with nothing and you die with nothing, so what the hell are slaving for if not to exist, and exist damn well!

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