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Water Rainbow!


The end of last week saw the winds turn from NE to West in the afternoon. A rare occurrence. And with the wind, the clouds changed from an eerie Grey, to a golden dream.

Here are just a few samples of Alex Frings creativity from the water on an incredible afternoon. We are keeping the best ones safe… for now.

"Alexander Frings was always destined for a life of contrasts. As a boy landlocked more than 300 kilometers from the closest coastline, Alex honed his skills capturing the often grey landscapes and sullen skies of mainland Europe… Forever dreaming of greener pastures, endless white beaches and the turquoise hues that only tropical waters can offer. Chasing waves and dreams of a life behind the lens, Alex’s journey lead him to the heart of Australia’s surf culture and history, and the iconic coastal hamlet of Byron Bay. Revelling in the Bay's perfect mix of peace and vitality, Alex has forged a unique photographic style through expressions of soul and simplicity, and is fast-becoming renowned for his intriguing and emotion filled water photography." -- Alexander Frings is one of CG's favorite sons, who now finds a home in Byron Bay, having moved from Germany to the warmer water's of Australia's most easterly point. Alexander Frings is a fantastic photographer specialising in water photography.


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