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LisaGPhotography - Calexico Byron Bay 2019 (2 of 33)

Byron Bay welcomed Calexico with open arms at the Byron Theatre on Sunday night to a sold out intimate show.

There is a lot to love about Calexico. For me it’s a soundtrack for summer. To sit in the warm sun with my feet dipped in cool ocean water drinking a margarita listening to the latest Calexico album.

For Calexico’s Australian tour, Joey Burns and John Convertino will be performing as part of a seven-piece band, with musicians and mariachi brass.

You can’t pigeonhole Calexico. Their sound is a unique blend of Americana, Alt- Country,  Tex-Mex, Desert Noir,  indie music that flows seamlessly between genres.  Watching them play is pure poetry. Each instrument from brass, accordion, keyboard, guitars and maracas are played with love and precision.

The theatre seats are all full and bodies are swaying in their seats.  Joey lets the audience know they can come forward and dance… and they do… instantly.  Mariachi horns and Cumbria rhythms get the crowd jumping and swaying.

I’ve been a Calexico fan for many years and I fell in love them all over again last night.   Their music is cinematic and the latest album “The thread that keeps us”    I filled with impassioned stories of border politics and environmental disasters.

Catch Calexico on their latest Australian tour, you will be well pleased you did.

Words and Photographs by Lisa Gough


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