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Donovan Frankenreiter Photos


Donovan – Photo : Beck Rocchi

Last week saw Donovan Frankenreiter come to Byron Bay. Beck Rocchi was there to capture the moments. Next day her camera took a turn for the worst, with all of these glorious picture only coming to the surface now. So we thought we would do Beck and Donovan justice, and give you a bit of “it’s better late then never”!!

For more incredible photos from an amazing night… click here.

For more incredible photos from an amazing night… click here.

Photos by Beck Rocchi – beckrocchi.wordpress.com

Beck Rocchi In the words of Miss Rocchi... "I love capturing moments. Real moments which tell stories, hold emotion and stir memories. I enjoy photographing colour & movement, truth and beauty, passion and spontenaity. I live in an amazing town on the east coast of australia called Byron Bay. It is overflowing with beautiful scenery, interesting characters, creativity and raw inspiration." Beck x


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