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Making of Emma Louise’s “Pontoon”

There’s something about creative passion that can really push people to the edge.It’s like going into overdrive or something. A buzz and a feeling of warmth underneath your skin, or maybe that’s just the coffee sleep depravation.

Making this music video for Emma Louise was one of the most physically demanding things I’ve ever done. EMMA LOUISE - 47 EMMA LOUISE - 87EMMA LOUISE - 01We knew well before we started shooting that it was going to be hard.  The bathtub Emma selected weighed 120kgs and I put together a storyline that required we somehow get that bathtub to the top of a mountain, along a beach and into a forest.  All of which were about 500kms apart.

Lifting, heaving, carrying and occasionally dropping the bathtub was bad enough, but once we made it to location we then had to fill it with milk!  Being the director and writer, this was all essentially my fault.And yet for 3 incredibly long days our crew barely complained, pushing themselves as hard as they could.  I think it was because we knew we were creating something special.We easily could have done this whole music video in a studio using green screen.  It would have taken 1 day to shoot and no backs would have been sacrificed lugging a 120kg bath. But instead we were out in the elements, what you see on the screen we could actually see in real life.   It’s this ‘real’ filmmaking that makes people passionate and in the end I think you can see that on the screen.

Checkout more of Dylan’s filmmaking wizardry below:

Dylan Wiehahn grew up two doors down from the Top Shop in Byron Bay and went to Cape Byron Steiner School. He studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film/TV) at QUT in Brisbane and fell in love with Cinematography. Dylan has just moved back home to Byron Bay with his production business, Spring Pictures.


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