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Lighthouse to Main! (skate)


The skateboard scene in Byron Bay is growing in numbers by every week, which is very noticeable at ‘The Wreck’ carpark where the ‘Byron Side Walk Surfers’ crew gather every friday afternoon at 4.30pm…

So yesterday (Thursday 8th September) the crew took a cruise down from the iconic Lighthouse, challenging the potholes and rough asphalt, right through to ‘The Wreck’ carpark where Early Skateboards had put on another event for the up-coming grommets in Byron. Tommy Franklin was leading the way teaching the kids how to dance and express themselves.

The team were also out at Nimbin earlier in the week, giving a talk to the whole of Nimbin Central School, about the importance of wearing protective gear when skateboarding… READ MORE

Enjoy the pics (thanks to Joggly for the extras), and the video from Nimbin thanks to Rest Your Eyes Production.

For more information about dance classes with Tommy Franklin, or skate coaching contact www.earlyskateboards.com

Sebastian and Jonatan Lundmark are Swedish Twins who now call Byron Bay home. They are filmmakers who have finished study at SAE in film school to now run their own production company Rest Your Eyes, which they formed with Oliver Certa (pictured). The boys seem to sum up this town in a beautiful way, with fresh anew-ed eyes that ooze passion and creativity through their videos.


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