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SITG 2019 Wrap Up



Day One: It’s a bright sun shiny day, perfect for a music festival.   First impression as I arrive is that festival “fashun” is on-trend with fishnets, flannel PJ’s, faces adorned with glitter and sparkly diamantes, swishy boho dresses, western inspired glamour,  and course paired with well worn Docs.

Kicking off the day in the Amphitheatre- is the charismatic A.Swayze & The Ghosts with a cracking set  performing to a decent crowd  for midday. Next up are the Slaves from Kent UK, these 2  had the crowd jumping and laughing to the banter.   And then there was Wolfmother who totally kicked arse.The amphitheatre filled up, the fans where psyched and energy was high .  They pulled out crowd favourites  “Joker and the Thief” and  the crowd went off!  US punk rockers Fidlar  turned up the energy with  their opening song Alcohol.  The fan’s were packed in tight for the Foals. Front man Yannis excited fans as he bounded up the barricades and crowd surfed. Closing out day one is Tame Impala in all their psychedelic glory, and a spectacular stage show. The stage production, audio and lighting were next level insane!


Day 2: We’re all little dusty but the excitement of the day ahead builds as I walk through the gates.  In the amphitheatre, Dear Seattle kicked off the day in the Amphitheatre, followed by Trophy eyes and the energy has returned.

Ruby Fields in the GW McLennan stage had a loyal and vocal audience. Back on the main stage, Pond captivated the punters and made good use of Gambino’s catwalk.  The killer acts just keep coming, I loved Wolf Alice and then Allday on the “Mix up” stage with Asta, Mallrat  and The Veronica’s joining in for “untouched “ was clearing killing the audience. The Amphitheatre was packed for Hottest 100 number 1’s Ocean Alley followed by one of my favourites Catfish and the Bottlemen re-energising the crowd with a kick arse set that got us all dancing. When Childish Gambino talked onto the stage to the capacity crowd,  he asked the crowd to put their phones away for this church of music and followed with a perfect cinematic performance.

Day 3:  There are dusty weary folk flocking to the food halls.  The fashion of the day appears to be flannel pjs in the global village and there are plenty of weary folk languishing in the sun. But its another beautiful day in paradise, as we drag ourselves in fray for one last jam-packed lineup.

In the amphitheatre, The Last Dinosaurs followed by Aussie faves The Rubens turned up the heat in the amphitheatre, with Lead singer Sam  surfing the crowd with a massive smile.   They pulled out the favourites  with “My Gun”  spurring  a crowd sing along.  As he I wandered  between stages I got pulled into the tipi forest and mesmerised by the lights and sounds. There were performs, dancers, bubbles, laser lights and incredible beats, I was entranced and had to pull myself away.  Anyway back to the G.W McLennan stage and Melbourne boys The Tesky Brothers soothed our souls with their blend of blues and soul.   Ziggy Alberts, what more can I say.  The sing-alongs to ‘Stronger’  and ‘Laps Around the Sun’ were the incredible.  The G W McLennan tent was packed to capacity for the Lumineers. The Band from Colorado are swathed in nostalgia and uplifted out spirits.  Chance the rapper had to pull out at late notice.   Hilltop Hoods stepped up. Hell yeah!   Starting up the show with a light hearted intro video about the late invitation to the Splendour party 12 hrs  before. You can trust the Hoods to pull together a brilliant guest packed show at late notice with appearances from Ruel, Illy and Adrian Eagles. Perfect way to end  the festival.

Splendour in the Grass isn’t just about the music there is something for everyone.   Splendour is a small city,  where you can shop, explore,  eat great food, learn new crafts in the craft tent, Splendour arts,  drumming workshops, circus and drama.  The science tent where hot topics were discussed  on the environment, science, pill testing with some of our brightest and funniest minds, and the smallest rockers partied to the likes of Bunny Racket at Little Splendour.

Splendour is a bucket list festival in a beautiful part of the world. Make sure you add it to you calendar for the the 20  year anniversary in 2020!!

Images and words @lisagphotography


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