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Smith Street Band at The Northern by Lisa Gough


Press Club’s Lead singer Natalie Foster primes the room exploding on stage, swinging her hair and jumping around.  Press Club is fast and tight and smashed out a solid set.

Bec Sandrige has an incredible stage presence and powerful voice, she’s cool and fun, the songs are catchy heartfelt pop and gets the audience dancing.

As I sat watching the stage crew set up for the “The Smith Street Band”   some classic 80s hits started to play!   “It’s Raining Men” and “ I wanna dance with somebody” that turned into a giant choir and they knew every word… who knew… but we were primed for a sing-a-long!

Smith Street Band burst straight into an emotionally charged,  adrenaline pumped show filled with songs from their new album “More Scared of you than you are of Me”.      I just loved the way the crowd sang along with the songs and shouted the chorus back at him like it was an anthem.   We danced, jumped and sang with hands pointed in the air. Their songs are poetic and heartfelt and the crowd is boisterous, bouncing and loving it.

I smiled and sang all the way home, Thanks for a fantastic evening.

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