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The Beasts and The Johnny’s at The Northern


Byron Bay was very fortunate to have The Johnny’s open the show for the Beasts “Still Here” tour, last night.

The rough riding Cowpunks current line up of Graham Hood, Slim Doherty and Billy Pommer Jnr being the support act tonight. I couldn’t have been happier. It was an evening of great music, running into old friends and spotting familiar faces from the last 3 decades.

The Johnny’s have a dedicated and loving fan base; the t-shirts worn to the Northern were already being replaced with Johnny’s new Tees before they even started! An adoring crowd whooped and hollered along with the first song “Way of the West”. The set continued to gather intensity and moved through favourites like Move it, Injun Joe, Show Down, Elvisly yours, with Bleeding heart being a particular crowd favourite, and my all time favourite Johnny’s song – The words, “Darlin, listen, we will cut the others down to size, there’s something that they are missing behind the armour of your eyes”, seemed perfect in light of the recent passing of Spencer P Jones. They rounded the set rounded off perfectly with Mountain man! With the crowd now primed.

…The Beasts walk quietly on stage and acknowledge fallen comrades Brian Hooper and Spencer P Jones, then launch straight into On my back and Pearls before swine, from their new album “Still Here”. I’ve had this album playing all week in anticipation of tonight, and I was not disappointed ….Their new songs rock when played live, and the Beasts ooze finesse and raw power.

Kim Salmon’s raucous guitar is a familiar sound and watching Charlie Owen play, is as if he’s feeling the music in his soul. These stalwarts of Rock n Roll delivered a cracking live performance, every song is killer. They pulled out a few old favourites, (yes they are my favourites), Chasing the Dragon, and Drop out. Hospital, the last song written and recorded with Spencer P Jones captured the audience, every word and gesture by Perkins were pure perfection. It’s bands like these, and great live music that create memories we cherish forever. The Beasts are “Still Here”, Get out and see them live.

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