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Spring Sunday Sliding


ThePass150913_CG-0017 ThePass150913_CG-0033 ThePass150913_CG-0043 ThePass150913_CG-0091What a magic day Sunday was! I woke up bright and early with only 3 hours sleep under my belt to clear blue skies, a south east breeze and 1 foot peelers in the Bay.. Perfect conditions for my first ever attempt at shooting in the surf. I spent the entire day at The Pass taking in the stoke of all those enjoying the waves and sunshine then finished the day with a sunset slide and BBQ with my best mates.

I plan on bobbing about in the ocean with camera in hand a lot more – nothing quite beats capturing the stoke and feeling the happy vibes when combining two of my favourite things – surfing and photography. I hope to see you out there next time! x


ThePass150913_CG-0127 ThePass150913_CG-0129 ThePass150913_CG-0146 ThePass150913_CG-0154 ThePass150913_CG-0166 ThePass150913_CG-0219 ThePass150913_CG-0220 ThePass150913_CG-0228 ThePass150913_CG-0235 ThePass150913_CG-0236 ThePass150913_CG-0240 ThePass150913_CG-0259 ThePass150913_CG-0269 ThePass150913_CG-0284 ThePass150913_CG-0288 ThePass150913_CG-0291 ThePass150913_CG-0292 ThePass150913_CG-0293 ThePass150913_CG-7137 ThePass150913_CG-7144 ThePass150913_CG-7167 ThePass150913_CG-7186 ThePass150913_CG-7218 ThePass150913_CG-7223 ThePass150913_CG-7226 ThePass150913_CG-9958 ThePass150913_CG-9969 ThePass150913_CG-9989 ThePass150913_CG-9994 ThePass150913_CG-9995

Words and photos by Carly Brown:

The last image in B+W is by Niko Soikkeli – facebook.com/ndashiko

In early 2010, Carly decided to bite the bullet and migrate here on a solo mission from Sydney, to now call Byron home. Carly has always had a love for photography. Picking up her first SLR in 2011, Carly has since been sharing insight into a beautiful town & far beyond which is bursting with energy, pure abundance & general sweetness of life. ‘It is my dream to one day make a living out of something I love doing. It’s simple - it’s all about the stories’.


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