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Photographic Locations – Hannah Leser


Photography in the 21st century is plagued by cheap filters, pixelated popularity contests and boring vain ‘selfys’. So when you stumble upon work like that of Hannah Leser, it makes you stop in your tracks. Breathe.

In this video Hannah tells us of the constant struggle to balancing here content with the location. Light, Composition and inspiration.We are surrounded by locations but it takes a certain eye to capture the essence of a scene or moment.

“Its about the power of that one photograph taking us visually into places we didn’t think we could go, exploring concepts we didn’t even know were there . When a photograph allows you to do these things that’s when you know its really special.”


A short film by Lost Bay Days – lostbaydays.com

Striving for beauty at its core, Lost Bay Days is a small artist collection creating and documenting. Inspired by all aspects of life, we are dedicated to bringing exclusive videos, photography and stories each week from the shire and beyond.


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