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Byron Bay’s Soli Bailey is building himself quite the name in the surfing world. In this video made by local filmmaker Kaius Potter, captured at P-PASS Micronesia, Soli was one of the youngest in the water, during one of the biggest swells that hit there this year… Enjoy!

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Kaius Potter grew up on a farm in the hills, behind well-known Northern NSW hippy town Byron Bay and the famous right hand point break at Lennox Head. He learned at a young age that the talent of surfing was much harder than his grommet hero Rasta made it look. When he turned 15, and stumbled upon the families JVC Handicam, he realized that he could capture surfing the way he saw it and document it for everyone to see. Two years later and Kaius’ work has seen the front of such fine publications as Coastalwatch, Korduroy tv and Magicseaweed. Although he still doesn’t think he has gained the status of being labeled a ‘filmer’, Kaius is certainly on his way to placing himself at the forefront of the push in Australian surf filming and having already worked alongside a long list of professional surfers, it is evident he will be producing some mind-blowing clips for years to come.


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